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DataStore is a Java based document repository server for storing, querying and fetching XML based documents. It is built on practical needs allowing the storage of semi-structured (well formatted, maybe validated, XML, XHTML and HTML) documents and un-structured documents (TXT).

The documents are stored in conventional relational database (Postgresql, MySQL, IBM DB2, SAP DB) assuring that way the maximum advantages and reliability of these products. Being built on top of the Avalon Phoenix framework, it allows server components to be easily developed, deployed and shared. The documents are managed through a BEEP and/or XML-RPC interface using a subset of the SEP (Simple Exchange Profile) protocol.

DataStore is in alpha stage, which means that is still an experimental product. However we succeed in successfully running it under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and Postgresql, IBM DB2, SAP-DB as relational databases. The latest version of MySQL (4.1) does not supporting the INTERSECT command making the union intersect SEP command not perform properly.


General Information

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User Documentation

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Developer Documentation

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