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The amount of information on the net is increasing day by day but instead of keeping us more informed more often it drowns us. In the idea of helping gather all this information and transform it in various XML document types to be processed by machines we build MN8.

MN8 is an experimental object oriented scripting language, tightly integrated with the net, which emulates the concepts at the core of XML in order to simplify and make as transparent as possible information extraction and manipulation from the WWW and XML documents.

Written in Java works with most operating systems and allows easy reuse of the huge number of libraries available trough simple wrappers. At this point MN8 has concepts for: HTML, HTML-Forms, Cookies, RSS, OPML, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, Jabber, BEEP, XML-RPC, SOAP, MBox.


General Information

    General Documents
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User Documentation

[Local Link]MN8 Tutoriallocal
[Local Link]MN8 Language Referencelocal
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Developer Documentation

[Local Link]MN8 Developers Guidelocal
[Local Link]MN8 Java API Specificationlocal
[Local Link]SpaceMapper Coding Standardslocal

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