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Wrapper concept for the Internet Movie Data Base .


Getting a movie related information.

        mn8 IMDBWrapper movie Runaway Bride (1999)
        ------ The result is ------
        <movie date="1999""" title="Runaway Bride">
        <summary> Tastes like leftovers&lt;/P&gt;
        This could have been a great movie.  It should have been a great movie.  I
        wanted it to be a great movie.  It was a pretty good movie, but it wasn&#39;t a
        great movie.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;
        ... there is more ...
        <actor actorName="Julia Roberts" characterName="Maggie Carpenter "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Richard Gere" characterName="Ike Graham "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Joan Cusack" characterName="Peggy Flemming "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Hector Elizondo" characterName="Fisher "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Rita Wilson" characterName="Ellie Graham "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Paul Dooley" characterName="Walter Carpenter "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Christopher Meloni" characterName="Coach Bob Kelly "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Donal Logue" characterName="Priest Brian "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Reg Rogers" characterName="George Bug Guy "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Yul Vazquez" characterName="Dead Head Gill "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Jane Morris" characterName="Mrs. Pressman "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Lisa Roberts (I)" characterName="Elaine From Manhattan "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Kathleen Marshall (I)" characterName="Cousin Cindy "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Jean Schertler" characterName="Grandma "></actor>
        <actor actorName="Tom Hines" characterName="Cory Flemming "></actor>

Getting an actor related information.

        mn8 IMDBWrapper actor Julia Roberts
        ------ The result is ------
        <actor birthPlace="Smyrna, Georgia, USA" birthDate="28 October 1967" birthName="Julie Fiona Roberts"",+Julia">
        <movie title="Mona Lisa Smile (2003)"></movie>
        <movie title="Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)" role="Patricia Watson "></movie>
        <movie title="Full Frontal (2002)" role="Catherine/Francesca "></movie>
        <movie title="74th Annual Academy Awards, The (2002) (TV)" role="Presenter: Best Actor "></movie>
        <movie title="&quot;Revealed with Jules Asner&quot; (2001)" role="TV Series   .... Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="Ocean&#39;s Eleven (2001)" role="Contessa &#39;Tess&#39; Ocean  ... aka 11 (2001) (USA: poster title) ... aka O11 (2001) (USA: informal short title)"></movie>
        <movie title="America: A Tribute to Heroes (2001) (TV)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="America&#39;s Sweethearts (2001)" role="Kathleen &#39;Kiki&#39; Harrison "></movie>
        <movie title="Joan Rivers: The E! True Hollywood Story (2001) (TV)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="73rd Annual Academy Awards, The (2001) (TV)" role="uncredited)  .... Presenter of Best Cinematography "></movie>
        <movie title="Mexican, The (2001)" role="Samantha Barzel "></movie>
        <movie title="In the Wild: Horsemen of Mongolia with Julia Roberts (2000) (TV)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="Erin Brockovich (2000)" role="Erin Brockovich "></movie>
        <movie title="AFI&#39;s 100 Years... 100 Stars (1999) (TV)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="Runaway Bride (1999)" role="Maggie Carpenter "></movie>
        <movie title="Notting Hill (1999)" role="Anna Scott "></movie>
        <movie title="AFI&#39;s 100 Years... 100 Movies (1998) (TV)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="Stepmom (1998)" role="Isabel Kelly "></movie>
        <movie title="In the Wild (1998) (TV)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="Conspiracy Theory (1997)" role="Alice Sutton "></movie>
        <movie title="My Best Friend&#39;s Wedding (1997)" role="Julianne &#39;Jules&#39; Potter "></movie>
        <movie title="Everyone Says I Love You (1996)" role="Von "></movie>
        <movie title="Michael Collins (1996)" role="Kitty Kiernan "></movie>
        <movie title="Mary Reilly (1996)" role="Mary Reilly "></movie>
        <movie title="Something to Talk About (1995)" role="Grace King Bichon  ... aka Grace Under Pressure (1995)"></movie>
        <movie title="Century of Cinema, A (1994)" role="Herself "></movie>
        <movie title="Pr&amp;#234;t-&amp;#224;-Porter (1994)" role="Anne Eisenhower  ... aka Ready to Wear (1994)"></movie>
        <movie title="I Love Trouble (1994)" role="Sabrina Peterson "></movie>
        <movie title="Pelican Brief, The (1993)" role="Darby Shaw "></movie>
        <movie title="Player, The (1992)" role="Herself/&#39;Marsha Kent&#39; "></movie>
        <movie title="Hook (1991)" role="Tinkerbell "></movie>
        <movie title="Dying Young (1991)" role="Hilary &#39;Hil/Hils&#39; O&#39;Neil "></movie>
        <movie title="Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)" role="Sara Waters/Laura Burney "></movie>
        <movie title="Flatliners (1990)" role="Rachel Mannus "></movie>
        <movie title="Pretty Woman (1990)" role="Vivian &#39;Viv&#39; Ward "></movie>
        <movie title="Steel Magnolias (1989)" role="Shelby Eatenton Latcherie "></movie>
        <movie title="Blood Red (1988)" role="Maria Collogero "></movie>
        <movie title="Mystic Pizza (1988)" role="Daisy Arujo "></movie>
        <movie title="Satisfaction (1988)" role="Daryle Shane  ... aka Girls of Summer (1988)"></movie>
        <movie title="Baja Oklahoma (1988) (TV)" role="Candy Hutchens "></movie>
        <movie title="Firehouse (1987)" role="Babs "></movie>
        <movie title="Crime Story (1986) (TV)" role="uncredited)  .... Adopted Daughter Of Toriellos Girlfriend "></movie>
Version: 0.1
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static main (Series $args)
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static main (Series $args)
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